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A little about myself

My name is Lada… I am mature woman but I feel young. Sometimes I am very calm and shy but there are times when I get naughty. I love sex very much and I guess you could call me a naughty MILF. Yes, I like to be naughty. I like wearing see-through clothes or a short skirt without underwear. Sometimes I take my clothes off in public place and get pleasure from the fact that others are shocked by this. At such moments I’m very embarrassed but I’m getting a lot of adrenaline and that excites me. I have pics and videos about me when I was very naughty and I’m going to keep doing it. 


My Videos

On the beach

Added: 2 days ago


Length: 27 min

Shopping and Flashing

Added: 1 week ago


Length: 10 min

Left home nude

Added: 4 weeks ago


Length: 14 min

Painted bikini

Added: 1 month ago


Length: 11 min

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My Photosets

My favorite swimwear ;)


Added: 1 month ago

Nude Ride


Added: 1 month ago

Hotel room


Added: 6 months ago

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